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An Ally And Friend During Your Time Of Need

Many deserving individuals face severe disability and do not know where to seek assistance. The medical bills may mount, and you may be unable to financially and emotionally support your family.

At RGV Disability, PLLC, our attorney, Justis S. Raines, can assist in helping you find the compensation you need and deserve. Justin looks at every matter with particular attention, asks pertinent questions and tracks down all evidence favorable to you. He will help you understand all available options allowing you to make the proper determinations for moving forward. You can rely on Justin to be there throughout the entire legal process.

Assisting You With Your Short-Term And Long-Term Requirements

An injury or disability can alter your life forever. Yet the legal system provides remedies for you should you face such circumstances.

Unfortunately, the process for seeking these remedies can be highly complex and usually requires the understanding of a knowledgeable lawyer.

Our team at RGV Disability, PLLC regularly helps individuals from all walks of life who face these circumstances. Attorney Raines can walk you through the legal process. As an experienced litigator, he understands the required steps to increase your chances of receiving total compensation.


Justin S. Raines
Justin S. Raines
Attorney at Law

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