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Six reasons to get regular treatment when applying for disability benefits

by | Apr 11, 2023 | Social Security Disability

People understandably feel discouraged when applying for disability benefits. A skilled lawyer can help you overcome these difficulties. Even with a capable attorney, your chances of winning your disability case are best if you continue receiving treatment for your impairments.

First, if you do not get treatment, your symptoms will probably not improve, and they could, in fact, worsen.

Second, treatment is vital because your doctor’s notes provide the best possible evidence in most disability cases.

Third, the Social Security Administration (SSA) finds your own physician’s opinions more persuasive than those of other doctors. But if you don’t see a doctor for treatment, you won’t have a doctor to ask for an opinion in your case.

Fourth, if you get regular treatment, SSA is more likely to believe that your symptoms are real and serious.

Fifth, SSA rarely awards cases where claimants do not receive regular treatment. SSA assumes that people who do not get treatment do not have serious problems.

Justin S. Raines

Sixth, even though the SSA may pay for a “consultative examination,” these one-time doctor visits are overly brief and overlook major problems. Also, they don’t provide enough information to show how serious a person’s impairments are.

So, please keep getting regular treatment. You will probably feel better, and we will be much more likely win your case.

If you need help finding a doctor or if you lack insurance, please phone my office so I can assist you in finding options.