Helping You Understand The Disability Process

Understand How You Can Get Help With Your Short Or Long-Term Disability Case

Many people can easily become injured or too ill to work during the course of their employment through no fault of their own. They must then rely on their private disability insurance or Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) insurance through their employer in order to cover their finances and medical bills. When you are in this situation, you need to file a claim with your private insurance provider so that you can get the compensation that you need in order to support your family. These claims can be difficult, and it is easy to become confused by the whole process.

At RGV Disability, PLLC, in Harlingen, our attorney, Justin S. Raines, has been helping clients throughout Texas with their private disability cases for more than a decade. His mission is to help you through the hoops and hurdles of your insurance case so that you can get the funds that you need to take care of yourself and your family. Supported by the rest of our team, he will help you with the paperwork and establish the medical evidence to give you the best chance of success.

ERISA Claims Can Be Difficult, Don’t Go Through It Alone

The process of getting your insurance claim to pay for your disability can be lengthy and difficult; however, you can rely on our firm help you overcome these challenges. When you work with us, attorney Raines will handle your case skillfully and engage with your insurance company to get you the funds that you deserve. When you reach out to RGV Disability, PLLC, you will be asked a series of questions to fully understand all the issues that your case involves, both medically and legally. With that knowledge in hand, attorney Raines will create a legal strategy that will address the challenges in your case, focus on your injuries or illness and overcome the legal hurdles for your case.

Come To Justin S. Raines For Help

RGV Disability, PLLC, helps people from all walks of life, both white- and blue-collar workers who need help with their ERISA claims. Many of our clients are also veterans and teachers, and our office is always open to new clients. Whether you worked in a construction site your whole life or an office, anyone is vulnerable to becoming disabled. When that time comes, you can turn to our firm for the help you need. Attorney Raines can help you at the beginning of your case or during the appeals process if your initial case was denied. He will keep your case on track and work hard for you. If you have a concurrent Social Security Disability Insurance claim, he can help you with that case as well so that you are covered as well. If you already have been approved for SSDI, your ERISA claim benefit may be reduced in part to account for these funds.

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Short- and long-term disability insurance helps people maintain a standard of living and dignity that every person deserves. If you decide to work with RGV Disability, PLLC, you will not pay anything unless you win your case. To learn more about how you can get help, call our office at 956-594-5153 or dial the toll-free number at 833-3RGV SSI. You can also send us a message online with a brief description of your injuries or illness.