Helping You Understand The Disability Process

Supplemental Security Income Can Help You When You Are Disabled

Even if you do not qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or do not have private disability insurance, you may still be able to qualify for disability under Supplemental Security Income (SSI). SSI is available to people who would not otherwise be eligible for SSDI because they do not have enough work credits to qualify for coverage. It acts as a safety net that helps individuals who fall below a certain level of income to receive benefits to support people who cannot work due to physical or mental disabilities.

At RGV Disability, PLLC, in Harlingen, Texas, we know how difficult applying for these benefits can be. Our attorney, Justin S. Raines, has been representing clients in Social Security claims for 12 years, helping them to get the support they need in order to provide for themselves and their families. He is particularly dedicated to helping those who are suffering from severe mental impairments such as depression, bipolar disorder and other debilitating conditions that prevent them from working. He understands how to properly present these illnesses to the Social Security Administration so that your illness is clearly identified and connected with your inability to work through appropriate medical evidence.

You Can Rely On Justin S. Raines To Handle Your SSI Claim

When you come to RGV Disability, PLLC, you will be given a thorough consultation. Attorney Raines will ask you a series of detailed questions in order to determine the medical conditions which are preventing you from working and what treatment you have been receiving. He will also walk you through the income requirements that exist for SSI.

SSI benefits capped at a threshold of income and assets, and the higher you earn or have above this threshold the less your benefit will be. These benefits are intended to provide for basic necessities such as food, clothing and shelter. Many minors are eligible for SSI, as there are special eligibility standards that apply to minors with disabling medical conditions or who have parents that are disabled. Justin S. Raines is one of the few attorneys who accept minors as SSI clients due to their unique case requirements.

Navigating Social Security To Get You The Benefits You Need

With the information we gather from you, attorney Raines will help you file the claim with Social Security and help you navigate the process. If your case is not approved, he will help you appeal your case for reconsideration or review by an administrative law judge. He knows what information the judges are looking for when they evaluate your case and how to present your conditions in a manner that show how they directly prevent you from working.

Once you are approved for SSI, you will begin receiving your benefits soon after, along with retroactive benefits to the day that you filed your application. You will also shortly become eligible for Medicaid as part of your benefits and will be able to apply for health insurance through that program.

Call For A Free Consultation

If you are struggling with a mental or physical impairment that prevents you from working, you may be entitled to support through SSI. To learn if you qualify, you can call our firm for a free consultation with attorney Raines. We work on a contingent fee basis, so you will only pay us if you win your case. You can reach us toll-free at 833-3RGV SSI or at our local number 956-594-5153. Additionally, you can send us a message online.