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RGV Disability can help with your Short and Long-Term (ERISA) Disability Claims

If you have a private short and long-term disability policy and become too injured or ill to work, you must file a claim with your private disability insurance provider. But when you’re sick or injured, how are you expected to fill out the application, gather and submit evidence, and communicate with the insurance adjuster that’s assigned to your ERISA claim?

If you have a physical or mental injury or illness that keeps you from working and need help filing a private disability application or appeal, call RGV Disability for help completing needed to appeal or appeal.

If you have applied already and were denied, you must file an appeal with your insurance company, but every policy imposes strict deadlines. Contact RGV Disability today for help filing the paperwork and gathering the evidence needed for your appeal.

If you have already filed an appeal are were still denied, you may need to file an appeal in the United States District Court. Your best chance to win is if you have an attorney who is qualified to handle short and long-term private disability (ERISA) appeals. Contact RGV Disability today.


Short and long-term disability insurance helps people maintain a standard of living and dignity that every person deserves. You never pay an attorney fee unless we win your case. You only pay if we win your SSDI or SSI disability case.

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