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What's the best advice when applying for disability benefits?

Updated: May 13, 2021

It is normal to feel discouraged when you apply for disability benefits. But we have the best chance of winning your case if you continue to receive treatment for all of your impairments!

First, if you do not get treatment, you will probably not feel any better, your symptoms will probably not improve, or they may get worse.

Second, treatment is important because your doctors’ notes are the best evidence that we have in most disability cases.

Third, SSA rules state that opinions from treating providers are entitled to special deference. This means that in most cases, if there contradicting opinions from a treating provider and another doctor, SSA will most likely take the word of the treating provider.

Fourth, SSA is also more likely to believe that your symptoms are real, serious, and not exaggerated if you get regular treatment.

Fifth, SSA grants few cases where the claimants did not get regular treatment because their problems do not look serious.

Sixth, even though SSA may pay for a “consultative examination,” these one-time doctor visits are usually too short, ignore major problems, and do not provide enough information to show the severity of a person’s impairments.

So please, get regular treatment! You will probably feel better, and it will give us a much better chance of winning your case! If you need help finding a doctor or if you do not have insurance, please call my office so that I can try to help you find some options.

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